MDXCMS is a way to generate MDX files as the content for your Ziet projects outside of the main code repository. This leads to no-build changes for content (goal of CMS) but with the power to display custom React components (power of Code).

You can add mdxcms to your project with. This will allow you to access the MDX files that you author in the editor.

yarn add mdxcms

the module is structured like:

├── backends/
│   ├── Functions to help fetch data
├── integrations/
│   ├── Opinionated integrations with frameworks
└── react/
    ├── some handy react hooks for things like hot reloading

If you are using (Next.js)[] then you can use the pre-built utilities for data-fetching from mdxcms. Simply import onto one of your /pages;

// pages/index.js
import MDX from '@mdx-js/runtime';
import withMDXCMS from 'mdxcms/lib/integrations/next';

const Page = ({ mdx }) => {
  return (<MDX>{mdx}</MDX>)

export default withMDXCMS({
  apiToken: process.env.MDXCMS_TOKEN,
  pathname: '/index',
  repositoryName: 'with-nextjs'

The withMDXCMS is a function that takes settings for where to find the data. You can get the apiToken from your editor.